martes, 22 de abril de 2008


The latest activity our students from 6th and 1est level have done was a gymkhana with a lot of games. We organize it in order to go on with the contact between godchildren and their godparents from 6th, both letters: classes letter A and B.

In the first “competition”/play we did small mixed groups with pupils from 6th and 1est courses, where the oldest children could help the youngest, starting with classes with the letter B and the following day with letter A.

Each group was participating in all the ordered games or tests, if all the members from each group had been participating and helping, they could get a symbolic prize, related to the moral values. Only when they had got all the prizes, they could change them for a material reward, such as a plastic watch, a sweet, or a funny game.

They spent a really hilarious time while they learnt the importance of helping and respecting the others.